Rome is a city with layers. Literally. Going back thousands of years, the ancient Italian capital was built and rebuilt, besieged, sacked and rebuilt. Its history is connected with countless events that changed the world in the last 2,500 years and connects it with the entire Western civilization in a complicated way. (They don’t call it the Eternal City for nothing.)


If you walk around Rome, everywhere you go there is an ancient column or an area built around historical ruins. In fact, it takes a long time to build anything in the city, because every time you try to build a subway, build something or change something, you have to stumble upon new ruins and send archaeologists to investigate.

Other great walks in Rome

1. Devour Tours

Would you like to eat in Rome? Devouring has you covered. Their experienced guides guide hungry tourists through the atmospheric food market in Testaccio, where Roman cuisine was born, as well as through the narrow, cobbled streets of Trastevere flanked by trattorias. It’s funny, informative and very satisfying. If you are an enthusiast like me, this is a must.

2. Dark Rome

Despite the name, not all the tours offered by this company delve into the dark side of things. There are private tours of the Colosseum and skip-the-line visits to the Borghese Gallery and Gardens, among other guided tours. But if you have a penchant for the morbid and secret, the ghostly and the frightening, this is the company for you. They will take you to the ancient crypts and catacombs of Rome, and a great ghost tour will also be offered.

3. Elisabeth Lew

This American-born travel guide and published art historian has lived in Rome for 20 years. Organize extensive themed hikes (I love to travel with a theme). Therefore, if you have ever dreamed of being accompanied by a real art historian to the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, call Elizabeth. Do you love the Baroque sculptor Bernini? He goes down a 17th century rabbit hole with her. Would you like to devote yourself completely to the fascinating history of Christian Rome? Elizabeth will take you there. No matter what your interests are, Elizabeth can design a tour that suits your thematic needs.

4. Fat tire tours

This is the best bike tour in the city. Fat Tire Tours offers a three-hour bike tour of the city center, covering all the highlights, from the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain to the Circus Maximus and the Jewish Ghetto. The tours are perfect for the busy budget traveler who wants to experience a lot of activity in a short time, without sacrificing the details. And while these tours have a lot to offer, they run at a leisurely pace, so you won’t feel rushed (or exhausted) while exploring.

5. The Roman Guy

The Roman is no longer just a guy, but whoever your tour guide is, you will feel that you know Rome much better. A large number of high-quality tours are offered, including all the standard hits, such as the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Catacombs at night, Rome in a day and several skip-the-line options. There is also a themed cocktail bar tour where you can get to know the city’s burgeoning alcohol scene and visit some of the main attractions while walking from one bar to another.

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