Melbourne is famous for its restaurant and cafe scene and is popular with backpackers (that’s why it vibrates so much with her!). It has charming and Moderna neighborhoods and streets lined with inspiring shops and cafes. You can take advantage of the awesome nightlife, from a quiet night in a plonk bar to dancing until dawn in a noisy club. It is also close to the plonk-oriented Yarra Valley. There is so much to see and do here.

Melbourne is considered the “cultural capital” of the country and the best way to find out why is to take a walk.


I love hiking tours. You can see the highlights and get in touch with a local guide who can answer all your questions. There are also tours for every niche, so you can have fun and learn a lot about the city, regardless of your interests (or budget).

Here is my list of the best walking tours in Melbourne.

While these are the best free and paid tours in the city, Melbourne has so much more to offer, regardless of your interests. Here are eight more insightful and educational tours:

1. Tours through the streets of Melbourne

Street art has become a worldwide phenomenon in the last decade. Every major city in the world has awesome murals and street art to admire, and Melbourne is no exception. This tour not only takes you through some lesser-known alleys, but also ends in the warehouse of an artist’s studio so that you can learn how these awesome works are created.

2. Depot Adventure Hidden Bar Tour

Melbourne is full of small, sometimes hidden streets, where some lesser-known establishments are located. And of course, this also includes bars. This three-hour tour will take you to the side streets to discover four hidden pubs. The expert local guide will tell you not only stories about the bar scene in Melbourne, but also about the history of the city. Just make sure that you are thirsty!

3. Walks through Melbourne

For more than three decades, Melbourne Walks has been conducting tours. No matter what your interests are, there is probably a tour that appeals to you: there is, for example, a crime-oriented tour, a tour of side streets and arcades, and tours that focus on topics such as architecture, literature, social justice, historical pubs and individual historical characters. If you are looking for a niche, start here.

4. Bicycles with bluetongue health-issue

This bike tour is a great eco-friendly way to get around the city. You will get a panoramic view of Melbourne, see the most important sights and get to know its history, from the early Aboriginal times to its foundation to the present day. During breaks, the knowledgeable local guide will give tips on what else to do and where to eat in the Melbourne area.

5. Lantern Ghost Tours
Take a ghost tour to get a spooky look at Melbourne’s sordid past. For 90 minutes you will travel to the 19th century and explore the enchanted places of the city. You will walk through narrow streets, marvel at enchanted historical buildings and listen to all sorts of creepy stories from Melbourne’s past and present.

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