Sydney is the most popular and largest city in Australia. If you are visiting the country, you will visit here. With a population of five million (about 20% of the total population), it has a lot to see and do, from the iconic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge to its stunning beaches and numerous museums (many of which are free).

As the largest city in the country and the most popular destination for tourists, there is a lot to do here. In addition to the typical sights, museums and activities, there are also many awesome excursions that will give you an idea of the people and culture of the city.

I love hiking tours for this reason. Run by a local, they’ll give you information you wouldn’t find if you were just wandering around on your own. You will get someone who can answer your questions and share their inside tips.

There are many walking tours in Sydney to choose from. To help you avoid some of the less cool ones, here is my list of the best walking tours in Sydney:

While these are the best free and paid tours in the city, Sydney has a lot more to offer, regardless of your interests. Here are nine more fun, insightful and educational tours!

1. Sydney’s True Crime Tour

If you are looking for a tour that explores the rougher side of the city beyond the usual tourist attractions, this is the one for you. In 90 minutes, you will walk through historical areas in the Rocks district and learn about nefarious delinquents and notorious crimes (after the country was colonized by delinquents). The tour will take you through narrow streets and secret corners as you discover the most vulnerable part of Sydney. It’s pretty cool.

2. Sydney Incognita

Sydney Incognita is a fun walking tour company that offers three-hour casual hikes where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about Sydney (they really are in a ton of information; writer Calvin Trillin called it “sneaking in the facts.”). On this tour you will visit all the main attractions and enjoy stories about the oldest known history of the region up to the XXI century.

3. City adjustment

If you want a more nature-oriented tour, this is a good one. This company takes a 4.5-hour guided walking tour of Manly Heads. During the 11-kilometer (7-mile) hike, you will get stunning views and learn a lot about the surroundings from the local guide. The walk culminates in Manly (one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city), where you can wander the streets of the charming area and fortify yourself with well-deserved food and drink. Fit City also offers hiking tours and a walking tour of the harbor.

4. Walks through the Architecture of Sydney

You don’t have to love buildings and their different styles to have a great time on a tour with Sydney Architecture Walks. These tours are led by real architects and are jargon-free adventures that give visitors a deeper understanding of why certain buildings are beautiful. The 2- to 3-hour small group tour focuses on the patterns and forces that have shaped the appearance of today’s Sydney, making it suitable for those who want to learn more about the history and design of the city.

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